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Results Muay Thai event Enfusion Live – Tenerife 2013-07-13 | Muay Thai News

Enfusion Live Tenerife

Muay Thai event Enfusion Tenerife 07.13.2013

Results Enfusion Live Tenerife

Enfusion -90 kg Championship
Wendell Roche (Netherlands) def. Moises Ruibal (Spain) Split decision
Maximo Suarez (Spain) def. Duoli Chen (China) KO (right hook) (2:19 in round 2)
Abraham Roqueni (Spain) def. Elam Ngor (Senegal) Disqualification
Moises Baute (Spain) def. Luis Morais (Portugal) KO (knee) (1:20 in round 1)
Eva Naranjo (Spain) def. Iman Barlow (England) Split decision
Josh Jauncey (Canada) def. David Calvo (Spain) TKO in round 1


MAIN EVENT – Moises Ruibal (Spain) vs. Wendell Roche (Netherlands) – 90kg world championship

Round 1:

Ruibal  lands with a series of stiff leg kicks ot start things off. Roche is coming forward liek a bull, but isn’t putting together any multi-shot combos. Ruibal is mixing things up quite nicely, shifting from punches to low kicks. Roche isn’t very mobile, but when he connects, it’s with big time power. Roche lands a big overhand right with Ruibal backed into the corner. Roche seems to be finding his groove now as he’s letting his hands go with more frequency. Ruibal is simply the more athletic fighter though, and won the round convincingly.

10-9 Ruibal

Round 2:

Roche comes out far more aggressive to start this round, throwing with more frequency. Ruibal is taunting Roche in the corner. Ruibal is taking his turn now as he is opening right up with multi-shot combos. Roche is not backing down though and is powering forward with big shots. Ruibal has a cut over his right eye and they stop the fight to have a look at it. When they get back to it, Roche absolutely lights him up, landing a huge punching combination to close out the round. What an exciting fight.

10-9 Roche

Round 3:

The 43-year-old Roche is coming forward with confidence now, knowing he’s in conrtol despite being the underdog. Ruibal is trying to use his mobility to his advantage to avoid Roche’s power, as Ruibal hits and runs. Roche opens up with a powerful punching combination that really hurts Ruibal. Roche backs him into the corner and pummels him until Ruibal powers his way out with a strong combination of his own. Roche lands with a big knee to the body. Ruibal looks gassed and is trying to goad Roche into coming inside by hanging his hands. Roche closes the round by pushing him back into the corner and working him over. What a fight.

10-9 Roche

Round 4:

Roche is now in firm control as he backs Roche into the corner and starts picking at him with punches. The two trade overhand rights, but Roche’s does more damage. Ruibal looks extremely gassed. Ruibal come sout of the corner and connects with a big spinning back fist. Roche is unfazed and continues to come forward. Ruibal can’t sustain any kind of consistent offense as he’s throwing single shots and dropping his hands. Ruibal tries for another spinning back fist that misses as time expires

10-9 Roche

Round 5:

Ruibal is fighting with real desperation now, as he tries to set an aggressive pace early on. It doesn’t last long at all as his hands drop yet again and Roche comes in and makes him pay with punches. Ruibal shift momentum yet again and powers forward with a strong multi-shot combo that backs Roche up. Roche lands an inside leg kick that drops Ruibal and earns a standing eight count. They get back at it and Ruibal is swinging for the fences. Roche may be hurt here, but Ruibal has so little left in the tank. These two warriors are just bombing each other to finish the fight. This is one of the most exciting wars Enfusion: LIVE has ever featured. What a fight.

Before the decision, Fighter of the Night honours are granted to Maximo Suarez.

Winner: Roche via split decision, claims Enfusion -90 kg Championship

Maximo Suarez (Spain) vs. Duoli Chen (China) – 70 kg

Round 1:

Both men are packing some serious power here as they start things off with a furious pace. Suarez is showing off some very accurate punching, but Chen is coutnering very well himself. Chen lands with a sharp body punch. Both of these men are showing off some exceptional creativity and accuracy. This one is incredibly fun to watch as both men are incredibly versatile. Suarez is putting some real snap on his kicks. This was an awesome round, but Suarez takes a slight advantage.

10-9 Suarez

Round 2:

Suarez connects with a sharp leg kick. Chen pushes forward as they both trade fro inside. Suarez connects with a high push kick  to the face that hurts Chen. He shows his toughness by continuing to come forward. Suarez connects with a strong kick to the bdoy and Chen is starting to drop his hands. Suarez is turning it up now as both men are trading. Suarez connects with a thunderous right hook and Chen is out cold. What an incredible knockout. Chen is down for several minutes and is on dream street when he comes to.

Winner: Suarez via KO (right hook) at 2:19

Abraham Roqueni (Spain) vs. Elam Ngor (Senegal) – 70 kg

Round 1:

Roqueni comes out with a stiff leg kick. Ngor answer back with a flying knee as he’s coming forward with aggression. Ngor is putting together some very sharp combinations. Roqueni looks a bit overwhelmed with the Ngor’s power. Ngor conencts with a huge knee to the chin of Roqueni and swarms all over him. Ngor smells blood and is lighting Roqueni up. Roqueni is in big trouble. Ngor can’t put him away and Roqueni separates to take a second and recover. a very game Roqueni continues to come forward. Roqueni takes Ngor down in the clinch as time expires.

10-9 Ngor

Round 2:

Ngor starts off the round with another very sharp, stiff punching combo. Roqueni is trying to stay inside to nullify that punching power. Roqueni lands with a big overhand left. Both men are trading big knees in the clinch as Roqueni adds in a big elft hadn for good measure. Ngor is very game and pushes forward relentlessly. Roqueni has definitely caught his second wind and is fighting a very strong fight after getting blitzed in the first round. Roqueni has a cut opened up over his eye and the referee stops the fight to have a look at it. They get back at it and the fight stays in the clinch as both men are trading body knees.

10-9 Roqueni

Round 3:

Roqueni is fightling a smart fight by staying away from Ngor’s distance power. Ngor lands with a big overhand right. The two repeatedly clinch and separate. Ngor is doing well at landing with punches every time the two escape the clinch. Both men are trading at a furious pace. This round is very tightly contested as both men are landing despite the sloppy pace.

This one is set to go to a fourth overtime round, but Ngor has walked off up the ramp! This is a bizarre turn of events as Ngor seems to be apalled by the decision to go to a tie-breaker. After an awkward few minutes, Ngor is disqualified and the Roqueni is granted the victory.

Winner: Roqueni via disqualification

Moises Baute (Spain) vs. Luis Morais (Portugal) – 95 kg

Round 1:

Baute comes out guns blazing, junping at his opponent with an urgent combo. Morais is a bit frazzled by the pace early on. Baute is absolutely lighting him up with combinations as he’s just pouring it on with an onslaught of offense. Baute connects with a knee right through the guard and drops Morais cold for a very convincing knockout victory.

Round 2: Baute via KO (knee) at 1:20

Eva Naranjo (Spain) vs. Iman Barlow (England) – 54 kg

Round 1:

Naranjo starts things off with leg kicks. Barlow is not fazed by her opponent’s aggression and is very patient in her attack. Barlow’s punches are finding their way through her opponent’s guard. Both ladies are trading knees in while clinched in the corner. Naranjo connects on a stiff punching combination and follows up with a high kick. Barlow seems to feel the pressure now and is coming forward with more aggression. The round closes out with both ladies clinches in the corner once again.

10-9 Naranjo

Round 2:

Barlow is trying to keep the fight in close as Naranjo seems to be having more success with her punching game. Barlow puts together a sharp combination but Naranjo is countering well. Barlow is putting some oomph into her body kicks as she’s really upping the aggression. Naranjo is counter punching very well and is making Barlow second guess herself as she comes forward. Naranjo seems to have Barlow’s body kicks scouted as she is continually catching them. A much tighter round but Naranjo still has the edge.

10-9 Naranjo

Round 3:

Barlow is comign forward with a hint of desperation now. Naranjo is using her front kicks to control the distance. Barlow wants the fight to take place in close, but Naranjo is tying up well. Barlow dumps naranjo onto her back in the clinch. Barlow connects with a front kick to the face, but naranjo pushes through it and gets inside to do work with her dirty boxing. Naranjo catches yet another body kick as the ladies trade punches from that position. barlow gets a warning from the referee as time expires.

This one’s going to an overtime round!

Round 4:

Both ladies are throwing some nasty kicks to start the round as they both are now showing some desperation. Barlow is rag dolling Naranjo in the clinch. Both ladies are unloading with some bombs in the middle of the ring. Naranjo’s straight punches really have some snap on them. Barlow connects with a hook but eats a pair of sharp punches for ehr trouble. This one is a war and finishes off with both ladies trading big knees to the body. Almost too close to call.

Winner: Naranjo via split decision

David Calvo (Spain) vs. Josh Jauncey (Canada) – 70 kg

Round 1:

Calvo strikes first with a flurry that backs the Canadian up. Jauncey responds with a strong low-high combo of his own. Calvo is getting active with his knees now, again backing jauncey into the ropes. Jauncey is game and continues to come forward. Jauncey is connecting with his combinations but Calvo is answering back with powerful counter shots. Calvo is realy utilizing the push kick to his advantage. Jauncey connects with a stiff 1-2. Jauncey puts together a sharp punching combo and finishes with a strong head kick, earning him a standing eight count to close out the round.

It’s determined that Calvo can’t continue and Jauncey will earn himself a big time win.

Winner: Jauncey via TKO

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