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Sem Schilt not invited for K-1 World Title Fight | Kickboxing

It is still uncertain whether four times World Champion K-1 Sem Schilt this year may fight for the world title again. The Japanese company behind the K-1 is bankrupt.

Sem Schilt K-1 kickboxingThe new organization of the event has not yet invited Schilt to the qualifiers. The selections for the best sixteen fighters in the world are in China in just about two weeks. Sem Schilt does not appear on the participant list.

After the bankruptcy of K-1, the contests organized by the Dutch co-management company It’s Showtime. Sem Schilt fights under the management of Golden Glory, a competitor of It’s Showtime.

The finale for the world title in China, with the eight best fighters in the world, is scheduled on December 10. Sem Schilt does not respond before things really clear …

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