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Semmy Schilt wants to organize an auction in and for Japan

In the past 15 years Japan meant a lot to me and I owe much to this country and the people who have always supported me in my successes.
I felt helpless when I saw pictures and reports of the last disaster from on March 11th and for a while I wondered how I can contribute something in help and support.

I leave Sunday, April 10th with a flight to Tokyo and will actively participate in helping the affected people in the area that is strucked by this disaster. Next to that I will act in a TV show of Tokyo Broad Casting.

During 17 years of fights and tournaments in my fighting career I have gathered lots of trophies and want to organize an auction in and for Japan.
This will be done next week in Japan itself but also I want to do this through the Multi media.
Insiders will know what value will be attached for me to these matters, but I think I get a good feeling to do my part with this auction.
I will report what the results have been in this and also let you know what my experiences have been in Japan coming week. If you want to support the Japanese people and society just take part in this auction.

Below is a list of things that have played a role over the past 17 years in my life in DaiDoJuku, Pancrase, UFC,Pride and K1

Semmy Schilt April 9th 2011

List of Items

1. Two Blackbelts Karate Shodan and Yondan
2. My KarateGi used GP K1 , Paris France 2005
3. Fighting pants and Gloves against my fight against Hoost Shockwave 2002
4. My trophy from the Pride fight again Takayama, Pride 18, 13 december 2001
5. A gift from Pancrase, wine, label limited edition n57 Pancrase
6. Original shinprotectors from my Pancrase period
7. DaiDoJuku helmet 1997
8. UFC gloves, from my fight Pete Williams Locked and Loaded 5th of april 2001
9. Pride gloves, fight 23rd of June 2002 Fedor Emelianenko, Demolition event
10. Fighting Ball, heavy limited edition with Semmy Schilt portrait
11. Tshirt 10 years Golden Glory
12.Tshirt Semmy Schilt , own design
13. Fighters entrypass K1.
Source: semmyschilt.com

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