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Thom Harinck of Chakuriki Amsterdam ends career | Kickboxing News

Thom Harinck, one of the founders of kickboxing in the Netherlands, ends his career after 42 years.

Thom Harinck Chakuriki Kickboxing Muay Thai“I quit. After 42 years, I think it’s been enough. From one day to the other I did not feel like it and could not motivate myself anymore. This I never had before, so I follow my feelings like I always did. This morning I told the guys at the training. It’s now time for the new generation.” Tom Harinck told to R1N.

Harinck founded in 1972 the world famous Chakuriki in Amsterdam. Because Harinck was dissatisfied with the existing martial arts, he combined the techniques of boxing, savate and Muay Thai to his own style and called it Chakuriki.

Thom Harinck trained over the years many fighters who grew out into great champions. Under his leadership Branko Cikatiae became in 1993 the first K-1 World Grand Prix champion by a knock out on Ernesto Hoost in the final. And as if that was not enough, Peter Aerts also won under his leadership the K-1 title. In 1994 and in 1995 “The Lumberjack” won the K-1 World Grand Prix in a convincing way.

Other big names who have trained with Thom Harinck are Jérôme Le Banner, Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges, Nobu Hayashi, Bradock Anderson Silva, Frank Munoz, Amir Zeyada and Melvin Manhoef.

Source: round1network.com

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